New Stone Cold Outlaw Single Now Available!

Check out the first official single from our first full length album, The Siren To The Serpent! The song “Gone” is now available and you may download it via Reverbnation ( Also, we are taking this time to also reveal the album cover before the big release party tomorrow night in Schaumburg, IL at MT Barrels. The show is free so come and check out SCO, get a copy of the album, and be sure to also see The Black Saints and LVictoria!


SCO Welcomes Evan Bouc On Drums!

After months of auditions, the band has finally found a new skin basher! We would like to welcome Evan Bouc from Wisconsin as the new drummer for Stone Cold Outlaw! As you may remember, the band parted ways with Kristy DeClark after a show back in August. Since then, the band has been performing with studio drummers while attempting to put the final touches on their upcoming debut album, “The Siren To The Serpent.” Evan’s skills have polished the bands sound to a finish that has not been heard in a while. If you would like to hear him with the band, be sure to head out to the album release party this Friday, 02/27, at MT Barrels in Schaumburg, IL as it will be his first show as a member of SCO.

The Siren To The Serpent’s Release Party!

As you may have heard, SCO’s album release is finally coming! The Siren To The Serpent will be released on Feb. 27th. The party will be held at MT Barrels in Schaumburg, IL and will feature performances by The Black Saints, LVictoria, and of course Stone Cold Outlaw. This event will also be LVictoria’s Birthday Bash so what more do you really need? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s a FREE show! Details are on the flyer below!


SCO First Full Length Album Title & Release Date!



Hey Gang,

Hope everyone is having a rockin’ holidays! Our gift to you is the release of our long awaited new album title and a new release date!

“The Siren To The Serpent” will be the first full length SCO album and the first official release to feature the new band including Cherri Jax on vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano. The album was recorded by the late George Luif of Tranquility Studios and is currently being mixed, mastered, and produced by Laura Victoria, Justin James, and IMachine Records. It is expected to be released on February 27th.

Speaking for everyone in SCO, we would like to thank everyone for the support they have shown in 2014. Friends, family, and especially our fans. You are the reason the SCO gears keep turning and we are nowhere near stopping. 2015 holds many promising opportunities and experiences for us and everyone involved. Stay tuned and have a safe and Happy New Year! We love you all!

Paul Widner
Stone Cold Outlaw

SCO To Continue Even Without A Drummer!

For those of you who are concerned about whether the band will slow down in an effort to find a permanant drummer, fear not. The band’s main focus is releasing the long awaited album, Resurrection, and playing more shows. That being said, until the band finds a permanent drummer, they will continue on with “hired guns.”

” Frankly speaking, it’s hard to find musicians that are dedicated to their craft these days. Thanks to people like Gene Simmons, people seem a little more discouraged to pursue a career in music or play music at all for that matter. Not ripping on Gene because for the most part, I agree with his infamous “Rock Is Dead” rant. What I don’t care for is him telling people to give up.” Paul Widner says about the ongoing search for a drummer. “It’s either people that don’t have the right drive and attitude or just people that don’t fit in with our musical styles or personalities.”

Kristy DeClark, the band’s former drummer, left the band back in August due to professional differences. If you or someone you know is interested in playing drums for SCO, please visit the band’s Craigslist ad for more details:


Upcoming SCO Shows, Paul’s Birthday Bash, & Album Update!

Just felt like giving you all a quick update on what the band has been up to. If you haven’t heard, we have a couple of shows booked in November. We will be taking October off to pursue a permanent drummer to replace Kristy DeClark, who departed from the band a few months back. Since then, we have been relying on the skills of original SCO drummer, Kenny Dooley, for our live performances.

Speaking of shows, we have a couple of big ones booked for November. One of which being The Birthday Bash Of Paul Widner of SCO on November 1st at Nite Cap in Chicago, IL. Come on out and wish him a happy birthday!

11/01/14-Nite Cap, Chicago, IL
Halloween Show + Paul’s Birthday
Stone Cold Outlaw, Sonic Mob, and Open Hole Soul

11/28/14-The Original Mother’s, Chicago, IL
Black Friday Show
Stone Cold Outlaw and Them Guilty Aces

As for the upcoming album, Resurrection, we are in the process of remixing and remastering with iMachine Records and will hopefully have it out within the next couple of months along with more merchandise options and an updated website.


Resurrection To Be Remixed! Track List Revealed!

Hey Gang,

We at SCO are still working hard to put out the best first album we can. That being said, we are going back to the drawing board in order to create the best mix we possibly can. We apologize for the long wait, but it will be worth it.

Since we cannot put out the album soon and the new release date has yet to be decided, we figured we would give you a little taste by showing you the track list.

1) Excess
2) My Thirst
3) Meant To Be
4) Gone
5) Don’t Need To Say
6) Midnight Lover
7) Myself To You


Official First Single For Resurrection Released!

SCO has released the official first single from the upcoming EP, Gone! Check it out on Reverbnation! Music video to follow next month!

Kristy DeClark Is Officially Out Of SCO!

Kristy DeClark has officially quit the band. Auditions are currently being held to replace her as our drummer. If you are a drummer or you know someone, please review our requirements and shoot us an email ( if you fit the bill. Please include details, a promo shot of yourself, and a track or video of your playing. Thank you!

Drummer Requirements:

1) Someone between the ages of 20-30. Age is negotiable if you are younger than 20 but not older than 30 (sorry).
2) Must be serious as we aim to make music a career.
3) Please be a team player that is willing to work well with others. No ego maniacs!
4) Must have your own gig worthy gear
5) Must have your own transportation
6) Must have a professional attitude.

Myself To You Released!

Here is your chance to get a little taste of SCO’s upcoming EP, Resurrection. The band has released their teaser single called Myself To You. Click on the link below to give it a listen: